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System Enhancements

  • Your letter mentioned a new account number, how do I know what that is and why do I need it?

    When you receive your first invoice following our system updates, you will see both your old and new billing account along with your ESIID number (which never changes).
  • How do I make a payment when you change systems?

    Your payment options will not change.   


    Pay in your My Account portal link

    Call our Care team at 888-853-5202

  • When can I expect my first bill after you change billing systems?

    As we transition to a new billing system, you may receive your invoice a bit sooner or later than is normal in the first month.  We will be waiving any late fees to assure you have time to receive and review your new billing statement.
  • How can I renew my services after you change systems?

    Energy To Go will begin sending you notices approximately 60 days prior to your contract end.  We'll share available renewal offers and make it easy to renew in My Account.  
  • Who should I contact if I have issues accessing My Account?

    Our Customer Care team is happy to help via e-mail or call.  Please e-mail or call 888-853-5202 for more information.